Coming up sevens

I’ve started to plan for the ultimate South Beyond 6000 peakbagging trip: Seven summits in one day.

It can be done by starting at Mt. Mitchell (6684 feet) and hiking a there-and-back route of nearly 14 miles along a string of peaks, going over Mt. Craig (6647 feet), Balsam Cone (6611 feet), Potato Hill (6475 feet), Winter Star Mountain (6212 feet), Gibbs Mountain (6224 feet), before ending on Celo Knob (6327 feet), then returning to Mt. Mitchell.

From the Carolina Mountain Club description:

All of these peaks are in a sequence on the Black Mountain Crest Trail, which begins at the Mt. Mitchell Parking Area, and ends with Celo Knob, the terminus, at 6.7 miles. A number of other peaks are also along the trail, though they are considered spurs of these six.

In other words, it shouldn’t be that difficult. Because you can get the summit of Mt. Mitchell by driving a spur road from the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’re starting at high elevation.

I’m planning to do this hike Saturday, but I wish I had thought of it sooner. I should have done this hike couple weeks ago.

How cool would it be to say I hiked 7 peaks on 07-07-07?

UPDATE: My plans have changed. I saw a bicycle that had my name on it, and…

Well, okay, it had Cervelo’s name on it, but I feel compelled to buy it anyway, so that’s what I will do instead. The hike will have to wait.


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