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Cervelo Team SoloistForgive me for indulging in a little self-praise, but I have to say Saturday I made one of the best change in plans I’ve made in a long while.

I like hiking. I like the challenge of getting to the top of a SB6k peak.

But I also like bicycling. And I really like saving cash, and that’s what happened when I changed my plans from hiking to buying a new bike.

I didn’t know it until I pulled out my credit card, but the Cervelo Soloist Team I bought Saturday was last year’s model, so it was 20 percent off.

But that’s not the half of it. I also had no idea how much difference there could be between an entry level bike, like I had been riding, and a machine like the Cervelo.

When I bought my previous bike, a now-obsolete Lemond Nevada City, I was just starting out in road cycling. I wasn’t sure I would do that much riding, but I wanted to try it. Plus, I knew my two sons were interested in cycling, so whenever I visited a bike store I said, “The good news is, I have enough money to buy a great bike. The bad news, at least for me, is I have to buy three.”

But this time I was buying for me. And though the Team Soloist is at the bottom of the Cervelo line, it is a huge leap forward for me.

I guess I should have expected it. I read several reviews. Many of them included the word, “Wow!” But it wasn’t until I rode mine that I realized what a difference a stiff frame and quality components can make.

Wow, indeed.


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