But how many packages of instant oatmeal were in there, Jason?

Jason KlassJason Klass received a package in the mail and decided to post a video about its contents.

If you’ve ever seen a box of stuff nobody wanted in a shelter on the Appalachian Trail, you’ll immediately get the idea behind this box of stuff.


2 Responses to But how many packages of instant oatmeal were in there, Jason?

  1. samh says:

    Now, now, now. I found some incredibly tasty food in the hiker box at the old mining cabin in the Paysaten Wilderness on my thru hike of the Pacific Northwest Trail this summer.

  2. Jason Klass says:

    He, he. Well, I wouldn’t call it a “a box of stuff NOBODY wanted”; rather, a “box of stuff SOMEBODY didn’t want but SOMEBODY else might”. Get it?

    That contact lens solution bottle was perfect for me, but someone else didn’t need it. True, there was some junk in there but more for comedic effect. And, there was a lot of good stuff like the new GSI spork (and a lot of other stuff I didn’t point out in the video to not spoil the surprise for the next person). Plus, I added a lot of stuff that a lot of people would want.

    Overall, whatever was in the box was beside the point for me. I just thought it was a cool idea and wish we had more small serendipities in our workaday lives like this to make the mundane interesting.

    If you like the idea but thought the inventory was lame, why don’t you start your own mailing list with better stuff? Please include me in the mailing and be sure to add lots of titanium and an MSR Hyperflow filter for me to try out! 😉


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