You always hurt the one you love

face slapclimb_ca at GoBlog derides California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for proposing to close 48 state parks.

Probably because the roads aren’t big enough for his Hummer. But let me say this, the only thing more pathetic than Arnie is our state legislature. Bunch of amateurs. They couldn’t balance a budget if it was just two pennies and a dime.

This reminds me of somewhat similar stupidity that went on here in Tennessee a few years ago.

When then-governor Don Sundquist couldn’t push through an income tax to balance the budget, he desperately turned to other means in 2001 to salvage his quickly-declining reputation as a fiscal conservative. A key part of that strategy was to close 14 parks and cut the operating hours of the remaining parks.

A melee of lawsuits and petitions ensued, but Sundquist held firm and the parks remained closed through the end of his term.

Shortly after former Nashville mayor Phil Bredesen took office in 2003 he ordered the parks reopened and the others put back to full operation.

The budget was immediately plunged to new depths of red ink, right? No, of course not.

In fact, Bredesen has managed to push balanced budgets through the legislature every year and the Rainy Day Fund has reached record levels.

Oh, and about the state parks: In September, Tennessee’s state parks were recognized as the best in the country.


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