Let’s hope he knows what a black bear looks like

January 27, 2008
A Walk in the Woods
Bears that look like this don’t live on the AT. Only black bears inhabit that portion of the U.S. and this ain’t no black bear.

Robert Redford finally confirmed rumors that have been circling for a couple of years.

From the AP:

Redford told The Associated Press that his next film project is an adaptation of the best-selling 1998 Bill Bryson book about hiking the Appalachian Trail. He will produce the film and star as Bryson, and Barry Levinson is expected to direct it.

Part of rumor has been that Redford would reunite for this film with Paul Newman, but there’s no mention of Newman in the AP’s article.

Worth noting: Bryson was 46 when A Walk in the Woods was published. Redford is now 71.