Is there something I’m missing here?

Trackstick III don’t get this product.

The Trackstick II is the perfect fit for personal GPS tracking. Bring it on vacation to keep a satellite scrapbook of all your travels and record your explorations. You can carry it along on all your regular outings from home to get a better sense of your daily surroundings through Google™ Earth’s cohesive 3D maps of your community.

To be sure, it would take more than three of these to weigh what my Garmin GPSMap 60C weighs.

But it won’t be much good if you get lost.

Oh, wait a minute. Aren’t I always complaining about people relying too much on technology to keep them safe?


UPDATE: I received a spam email today (3/19/08) announcing: “Super Trackstick GPS is now available!” The announcement reminds: “The Super Trackstick is a great stocking stuffer for the GPS enthusiast in your family.”

Um, okay. Would that be an Easter stocking?


2 Responses to Is there something I’m missing here?

  1. Bill says:

    Well, I suppose that the rescuers could use it to figure out how in the world you got to where they found your body after you got lost 🙂

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