About the South Beyond 6000

Members of the Carolina Mountain Club and the Tennessee Eastman Hiking and Canoeing Club assembled a list of 40 peaks in the Southern Appalachians that rise 6000 feet or more above sea level. With this list they created the South Beyond 6000 program.

More information on the South Beyond 6000 program can be found on the Carolina Mountain Club’s Web site.

Old Black 6370′ 12/17/09
Mt Guyot 6621′
Tricorner Knob 6120′ 12/17/09
Mt Chapman 6417′
Mt Sequoyah 6003′
Mt Kephart 6217′ 12/23/05
Mt Collins 6188′ 1/22/06
Clingman’s Dome 6643′ 1/22/06
Mt Le Conte 6593′ 11/26/05
Mark’s Knob 6169′
Luftee Knob 6234′
Big Cataloochee 6155′ 1/6/07
Yellow Face 6032′
Waterrock Knob 6292′
Lyn Lowry 6240′
Plott Balsam 6088′
Cold Mountain 6030′
Shining Rock 6040′
Grassy Cove Top 6040′
Tennent Mtn 6040′
Black Balsam 6214′
Chestnut Bald 6040′
Sam Knob 6040′
Mt Hardy 6110′
Reinhart Knob 6080′
Richland Balsam 6410′
Craggy Dome 6080′ 6/30/07
Celo Knob 6327′
Gibbs Mtn 6224′
Winter Star Mtn 6212′
Potato Hill 6475′
Balsam Cone 6611′
Mt Craig 6647′
Mt Mitchell 6684′
Mt Hallback 6320′
Mt Gibbes 6571′
Blackstock Knob 6359′ 6/19/06
Grassy Ridge 6160′ 5/6/06
Roan High Knob 6285′
Roan High Bluff 6267′

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  1. […] I’ve added a page that lists all 40 peaks of the South Beyond 6000. I’ve already decided I want to try to tackle all 40. It would be cool to get them all done in one year, but I’m not foolish enough to set that as a goal. […]

  2. […] This morning, I found another WordPress blog via Scobleizer (via RSS, of course). Cutter sounds like an interesting dude. I wish him well in his quest to tackle the 40 peaks in the Southeast over 6000 feet. That’s the whole reason I was drawn to his site. I didn’t even know there were 40 such peaks. I figured Mt. Washington was the king among few peers. Even Katahdin is well below 6000 feet. […]

  3. […] I was able to knock off another peak from the South Beyond 6000 list with little effort. I hiked to Mt. Kephart in the Smokies, taking an easy route that mostly on the AT. […]

  4. […] On December 30, I intended to hit two South Beyond 6000 peaks in one day, Clingman’s Dome and Mt. Collins in the Smokies. Unfortunately, Newfound Gap Road was closed because of ice. […]

  5. […] After a couple of missed chances, I finally was able to get up to Newfound Gap and hike the AT from there to Clingman’s Dome. That allowed me to bag two of the South Beyond 6000 peaks in one trip. The trail passes right over Mt. Collins on the way to Clingman’s Dome. […]

  6. […] About the South Beyond 6000   […]

  7. […] About the South Beyond 6000   […]

  8. […] About the South Beyond 6000   […]

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